Step 1

IT and Hardware Optimization

At every stage this is going to be part of the discussion.  Do we need to upgrade one piece and reallocate other pieces, or do we just need a few subordinate pieces of the puzzle to make everything work together happily.

Having the wrong hardware doing the wrong work can put undo stress on the system.  And do not worry, we aren't talking about hijacking your sweet laptop to use as a server.  Servers can be relatively inexpensive.


Step 2



What can we automate about your business.  What reports should be generated daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly?  Who should these reports go to?  Can we automatically send out feedback requests to all of your customers?  What about annual reminders?


Keeping relationships is extremely important, and as a business grows, the need for reminders grows.  These tasks can be automated.  Your inventory report should be cross referenced to your vendor database automatically.


Step 3

Documentation and Implementation


We are not done until everything has been first tested, then implemented, employees are comfortable with any and all changes, and everything is documented properly.

Ultimately the greatest challenge of any project taken on by Post Road Software is to leave your company willing and capable of taking on new challenges.  Not feeling like we messed with your already functioning systems.  We are not done until everyone is happy and relaxed walking into that office and leaving to head home knowing things are going well.


But What Can We Do For You Today?

Obviously the above illustration is a simplification of our process.  And the immediate question is 'What can you do for me today?'

We are techies.  We understand the importance of Now!  If you need something done immediately we will address that issue first and make sure the solution falls within your working budget.

But we will never suggest a short sighted solution.  We will always want to make sure the 'Now' solution can help you reach tomorrow's goals as well.

Please, Do Not Get Us Wrong!

We are not here to 'change' the way you do business.  We are here to expose you to the technology that is available that can help you do your business your way.

Small Business is the flower bud of innovation.  Technology is just a tool that helps you accomplish your goals.  If you bake bread, we can get you a great rolling pin.  If you fix cars, let us help you get great wrenches.

We want to help you.  Contact us to start a dialogue.


Let's Get This Started

You need to reach out to us so we can start with a discussion.  If you have an urgent need to tend to, or you are just feeling the pains of needing new tech to help you deal with your growing business.  It all starts with a discussion.  Reach out and ...