Our Approach

Who We Are

We are a group of people with varied backgrounds and expertise in various fields coming together to help small and medium sized businesses explode into their various industries.

The beauty of modern technology is that it is almost infinitely scalable.  But somehow that trend seemed to leave the smaller businesses behind in a pursuit to satisfy the giant corporations.  That does not mean the solutions are not readily available and very affordable.

We seek to correct that by making the best Business Technology available and affordable to every business.

Our Story

The Beginning

The idea for Post Road Software came from working with study groups.  It was a nimble group of collaborators all focused on coming up with as many successful solutions to a problem as possible.  Seeing that level of collaboration and so many bright ideas coming forward was inspiration enough.

The Post Road Software Team

We are a small company with a wide reach.  Our pool of talent comes from many places.  But the significant majority of anyone working on a project for our customers will be right here in the area.  They will be able to visit your site and see first hand what they are working on.  We do not outsource programming to other countries.  There are already so many brilliant people right here.


Dr. MingLun Lee

President & CFO

The most important aspect of technology in a small business is in the Human Computer Interaction.  Dr. Lee is the one to make sure that every solution we implement is done with end user in mind.

Dr. Lee has a Masters of Science in Information Systems, and a Masters in Restaurant Hotel, Institution, and Tourism Management as well as a PhD in Hospitality Administration from UNLV. Beyond being the business mind and senior executive of the company, she makes sure our customers are receiving the best care and are nothing but happy with the work we do.

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Patrick O'Donnell

Lead Engineer & Head of Sales

A true Sales Engineer will be the one who meets with the client, talks about what they want to accomplish, then goes back to the bench to find solutions.  They start by looking at the problem first hand and stay with it into it's full implementation.

Patrick O’Donnell has degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science. He has extensive experience as a business analyst in companies ranging from very small family owned businesses to very large global investment banks.


Our Engineers and Specialists

Specialized Project Teams

Our teams are selected on a project by project basis.  This does two things, it offers good work and experience for those looking for it, and it allows our customers to be working with a group of Engineers and Specialists selected just for that project alone.

Earning a spot on a Post Road Software Team is an extensive process that often requires meeting with the individuals references as well several interviews.  The extra effort on the front end results in a more successful project execution for the customer and lower overall expense.

Next Steps...

The only way to start is to open a dialogue with us.  Find out what we want to accomplish first, and what projects are on the horizon?  Reach out to us with an email or by form and let's start talking.