I hope these answer some of your questions. If not, please just contact us. I will probably add your question to this list.

What type of work do you do?

Our company is a Small and Midsize Business Technology Company. We do everything from installing a new cord to connect some hardware to your network all the way up to designing and programming fully automated custom business systems. Not all heroes wear capes and neither do we. We take pride in helping small and midsize businesses reach their goals and succeed.

How Do We Get Our Talent?

I would love to tell you it was very simple.  But it isn’t.  It involves negotiations with Universities, Professors, Deans of Engineering Schools.  And that is all before I meet the needs of the potential customers.  My recruitment efforts are at least as much as my sales efforts.  There are easier ways to do it.  But, a small group that is chosen based on their strong suits and skill sets can deliver a better custom solution for the customer in less time.  This is ultimately better for the customer, their customers, and their employees.

How do we do it for less?

The majority of the employees at Post Road Software are graduate students. The University generously allows alum to use classrooms upon request. We do not have to pay a lot of overhead that other businesses have to pay.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! As a customer you will be given the phone number of the engineer assigned to your case, as well as the salesperson who you originally signed with. We understand that many small and midsize businesses make up the primary sources of income for their employees and their families.  If our customers can’t sleep, we shouldn’t be able to sleep either.  That is our commitment.

What are most small business’ technology needs?

Small businesses usually are running on a PC based system.  Something you could run from your home.  Then the business evolves and the technology doesn’t.  A data system upgrade can be affordable, and automation can make them more efficient. Depending on where a business is on the growth curve, weekly or daily reporting could be automated. There are engineers at Post Road Software who have worked for the largest businesses in the world. We are able to apply those same solutions to your company.

What is our business plan?

We have all the technology anyone could ask for.  We are here to make you successful.  We put technology in front of smart people.  That is all we do.  You are the genius of your own business, our only job is to give you the tools to make you a success.

What does an all local company mean to you?

Most companies that you hire for software or IT outsource a lot of their work overseas.  This is tempting as overseas labor in technology and programming is significantly less expensive.  But there are other factors.

Communication and translation breakdowns end up in the client’s bill.  Doing a job three times because of miscommunications is in no way cheaper than paying half per hour.  Post Road Software employs all local work.  We want everyone who is working on a project to be able to get together physically in the same room to minimize miscommunication.

We are still using various technologies such as video chats and screen sharing to stay in constant communication with each other, especially while tackling a complex problem that requires working a little bit later, or an urgent matter that needs to be addressed quickly.

The difference is that our entire team can be face to face within an hour of realizing the need to clarify some details of a project.  This ends up in a shorter turn around on projects, lower overall cost to the client, and a finished product that helps that client do more business.  Being all local puts lets our clients keep more money in their own pockets.